CAP office celebrate

May is Community Action Month


The MCCAC Staff would like to invite YOU to

a  Backyard BBQ lunch at 312 East 4th Street

MAY 15, 11:30 - 1:30


May is the month chosen to honor Community Actions throughout our nation.  A time to bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate the efforts of Community Actions to make America a better place to live,  one community at a time. 

Forty four years ago, Mid Columbia Community Action Council joined the Nationwide Community Actions in the War on Poverty.

Daily, MCCAC receives requests for emergency assistance such as help to prevent an eviction or to avoid an electric shutoff.  Often, need for help is due to a temporary lack of funds, like a lay-off or medical emergency.

Requests are at a new high, available funds are at a new low, therefore we ask you to consider making a donation to help our neighbors. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Jim Slusher, Executive Director








May is Community Action Month >

Scene: Barbara and Jim looking over several boxes of water bottles received from Hydro Flask.

JimThat’s a donation worth $9 to $10 thousand!

BarbaraNo way!  A donation of water bottles with that kind of value?   

Jim: Yup, but those are not “just” water bottles, they are Hydro Flask, quality flasks that sell for $25 to $60 each.  When they get a little scratch or a ding, they are still an excellent flask, but can’t be sold at full price…so, they become a valuable donation. 

A brief synopsis of what is on their website:   Hydro Flask; a Bend, OR manufacturer of high-performance, insulated stainless steel flasks.  They make substantial donations to Central Oregon charities that have a positive impact on their community.  “Hydro Flask believes that great flasks and great causes go hand in hand”.

They have a fascinating story; Take time to visit their website.

     211info, an easy way to find local health and human services

Information & Referral is one of the most important services of MCCAC, who keeps up to date with local services in order to advise and direct requesters.  211info is another way to find needed local services. Simply click on 211info under quick links found on the lower left of this page.



Program Partners

Mid Columbia Community Action Council, Inc would like to thank the following partners we work with in the community and who support our anti-poverty efforts. Would you like to be a partner and help us reduce poverty in the Mid Columbia area? Contact us to find out how you can help.


Mid Columbia Community Action Council, Inc would like to thank the following individuals, businesses and organizations who support the Community Action mission:



  • James & Kimberly Young
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Joseph Gregoire
  • Kathryn Bayer
  • Callie Jordan
  • Brian & Gloria Tuck
  • Orchard View Farms
  • Home Depot
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Griffith Motors
  • Charmaine Ross
  • Chris & Judy Zukin
  • Jim Slusher
  • Joanne Evelyn Ward
  • T.R. Hilyard Co.
  • Grocery Outlet
  • Azure Standard
  • PEO Chapter Q
  • USPS
  • Brett & Diane Hartley
  • Oregon Dept Of Forestry
  • Karen Maravilla
  • Methodist Church
  • The Dalles Firefighters
  • Hydro Flask
  • Col. Gorge Pathology Associates
  • United Way of The Col. Gorge
  • Jane Welp
  • Barbara McNab