Steve Bishop, Weatherization Coordinator

Steve Bishop, Weatherization Coordinator, is the "go-to" person when it comes to weatherization.  Weatherization is a series of applications applied to a home in order to minimize energy other words, to bring down the cost of heating and cooling and to provide a more comfortable atmosphere within the home. 

Installation measures such as weather-striping, caulking, water heater wraps, attic/floor/duct insulation, and, depending on need and availability of funds, new windows. Energy saving measures are applied by local licensed contractors

Application for this program is based in income eligibilty. 

Monthly Income Levels to Qualify

Number in Household         Maximum Monthly Income

1                                  $1,792.14

2                                  $2,343.56

3                                  $2,894.99

4                                  $3,446.42

5                                  $3,997.84


 For more information, call 541-298-5131

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